Many times in my life people I looked up to DISCOURAGED me from doing what I really wanted to do at that time.

I wanted to get a PhD in English but my favorite professor told me I would probably end up hating my life, having to live wherever I could find a job, and not being paid very well.

She looked at me and said: “Only do it if there is literally nothing else you can do.”

She wasn’t saying if you suck so bad at everything else, be an English professor. She meant if I was THAT passionate about teaching literature that I didn’t mind living wherever they sent me, having no control over my location or schedule, being forced into whatever research area served the corporate educational interests… if I just really freaking needed to teach Hamlet and that was it then go for it.

I never did apply for English grad school.

After my BA in English I worked in restaurants for several years.

One day I came into the server station and there was an article on the wall by a master chef who said the same thing. “You’re completely nuts if you open up a restaurant! The pay sucks, the hours suck, the competition is fierce, the general public is ungrateful, you’ll miss every holiday and weekend night with your family and you’re more or less going to put in 80 hours a week for the rest of your life.”


Unless… he said… you live, breathe and dream about mastering the culinary arts. You think about it all the time. You feel you were born for it and you’re okay dying doing it. And the thought of doing anything else is worth than death.

Then and only then think about opening a restaurant.

It’s the same thing with having an online business.

If you want to have an online business because you want “the life,” you want to make money while you drink margaritas on a beach in Tahiti… but you don’t have  a deeper vision that serves people or the planet in an innovative way…


Good luck.

You’ll fall prey to program after program, mentor after mentor who promises you how easy it’s going to be and you’ll fail again and again and again, eventually believing there must be something wrong with you because everybody else seems to be doing it right and you just can’t figure it out.

If you want online success… understand and know your vision inside and out. Commit to taking daily action around bringing that vision into reality. Realize that to bring something incredible and visionary into the world, you are going to have to make choices and yes, EVEN SACRIFICES, that most ordinary people would never dream of.

So what is your vision?

Does it wake you up in the middle of the night whispering for attention? Does it serve a larger purpose than you and your immediate needs? Does it have the potential to move and touch people at the depth of their core? Can you imagine yourself working on it 17 hours a day for the first year if that’s what it takes? If you were looking into the eyes of God sharing your vision directly – would you feel like, yep that’s it. This is what you created me for and I’m on it!

Your vision has to be so incredibly powerful inside of you that like my English professor said, “You CAN’T do anything else.”

If it’s not, don’t do it. You won’t have the energy or sincerity to deal with the blow after blow that comes in owning a company and running a business and launching a MOVEMENT. You’ll freak out and fade fast when adversity hits because you’re vision isn’t powerful enough to keep you going when all the chips are down.

If you’re not pulled out of bed every morning by the intensity and excitement of your vision – how do you expect other people to get behind it?

Revision your vision until it’s the only thing you COULD BE DOING. Then success becomes not only possible, not only easy… but MAGNETIC.

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