Why My Coach Costs More Than My Car

Global markets are volatile. The future is “uncertain.” Every aspect of human life from business to politics, technology, communication, medicine, food production, science… It’s all moving at a pace so fast it could make the average person’s head spin.

What used to be a “safe bet,” get a job, work for 50 years, retire, have a good rest of your life… is no longer an option for most of us.

It was never an option for me because I am restless, highly creative, and have a high risk tolerance. The only choice for me was to become a serial entrepreneur. My safety and security aren’t informed by any system or way, but to my own combined resilience, ability to problem solve, contribute value, and change directions at high speed in a stream of ever changing currents and variables totally out of my control.

If you are also an entrepreneur, you get it.

Enter Coaching…

While I was trying to figure out what I wanted to be when I grew up I tried on many different careers.

I was a Massage Therapist, a Surgical Dental Assistant, and a Restaurant Manager. I was a performance poet, a writer, event producer and community organizer.

For all my education and skill I could barely answer society’s favorite question: “What do you do?” Ummm…. “I make stuff and make stuff happen. Yeah.”

Coaching and Internet Marketing were just something that happened to me one day. I never planned it, never even thought of it.

But once they “happened,” it made so much sense. I found a place where I could be compensated for being ME, and increase my value every single day by investing in other more skillful and knowledgeable coaches and marketers.

Why I Don’t “Invest” in Cars

Contrary to popular belief, having a cool car does not increase my value as a person, coach, or marketer.

I only drive cars that I can pay for in cash, knowing that the minute I turn the key in the ignition, the car actually loses value and continues to do so over time. I have only had 2 cars in my adult life and I paid less than $10,000 for them both. Total. I have easily invested twice that in coaching this year and it’s only February.

The purpose of a car is to get me from Point A to Point B.

In order to get from point A to point B I end up paying almost as much as I did for the car in maintenance, until I decide it’s not providing me with the value it’s worth anymore, and I buy a new one. From a financial standpoint, it’s a liability, not an asset.

No matter how cool my car is, it doesn’t fulfill any real needs outside of it’s function, and it does not give me the ability to increase my value in the marketplace or in my life unless of course it’s taking me to a job, which it is not.

Why I’m a Coach with at Least 3 Coaches at Any Given Time

In the past few years I’ve given myself a raise from $50 an hour as a Massage Therapist (with HUGE overhead) to $400 an hour as an online marketing consultant, and $5,000 for 12-15 hours and email access (spread over 90 days) as a Story Coach for entrepreneurs. I did this by investing tens of thousands of dollars in coaches, and the trackable return on my investment is that I now have a multiple 6 figure business I run from my laptop wherever I want, whenever I want.

I contribute 10% of my company’s profits to an anti-trafficking organization, am doing multiple joint ventures with other companies and starting a philanthropic organization. I travel, eat healthy, and love my peeps. I attend events that are meaningful to me and have plenty of time for my hobbies of reading, running, writing and playing handpan.

Maintaining this lifestyle requires a few things.

That I stay emotionally clear, spiritually grounded, and that I am constantly increasing my value, my contribution and my own sense of self-worth and purpose.

The best way for me to do this is to uplevel and grow by investing in the mentorship of people who are doing this at a way higher level than I am. What I am doing now is a tiny drop compared to what I will do. But I didn’t get here “stumbling through it alone.” If I chose that route, I would be in the daunting 97% of people who try to start an online business and fail. So I won’t “get there” going it alone either.

Seedling growth

Having coaches who specialize in the areas I want to grow exponentially increases my value, resilience and contribution.

I have coaches to support my emotional and spiritual well being so I can stay in high performance creativity mode while maintaining meaningful relationships and clear communication without crash and burn.

I have coaches to help with my finances (what do I do once it hits the bank!), my marketing savvy (always more to learn) and my business sense (not my strong point), and for me it’s the most direct route to the next level of experience I want to have.

When a coach I want to work with tells me their prices, I pull out my wallet and invest.

In investing, I rapidly increase my value, problem solve at a higher level, communicate with more precision and effectiveness, and most importantly enjoy my life in a more enriching way.

A car just won’t do that for me. Or you. Not even a Porsche.

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Love & Vision