Success and breakthrough need not take a long time or “be hard.” That’s my commitment to you. So let’s just GET IT DONE.

In today’s episode of Online Alchemy Shay Jordan-Hrobsky identifies her “stuck point” and we work through it, while also just jamming on dorky marketing stuff we both love so much.

Stuck Point:

Shay is a rare gem in the online marketing space for women. She KNOWS her stuff with depth and precision. She has however fallen into the trap of doing great work for other people and not putting her own voice out there in a consistent way. Fear shows up when we are doing powerful work in the world, so we discussed resistance, what it truly is, and what will probably happen if she hangs out there for too long.


My first thought was to get Shay into a consistent content marketing strategy that would lovingly force her into visibility. Then I discovered she already had one! A podcast. So we put her feet to the fire a bit and committed to a launch date for the podcast, and then took it a step further and planned a monetization strategy to make sure she is making the most out of her traffic! To see Shay’s quick work in action, the power of accountability and setting measurable goals, and just some awesome freaking content check out “The Whole Entrepreneur Podcast” here.

She got focused and launched that baby!

This woman drops some serious wisdom, I just adore her.

You can watch the episode here:


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