Success and breakthrough need not take a long time or “be hard.” That’s my commitment to you. So let’s just GET IT DONE.

In today’s episode of Online Alchemy Ashlee Greer identifies her “stuck point” and we work through it, while also cracking up laughing several times because if you can’t laugh at yourself online business is probably not for you.

Stuck Point:

Ashlee has been successful first as a Psychologist, then as a personal coach working on mindset. She got a little bored with the average coaching conversation and marketing strategy though and decided to kick it into higher gear – by taking on the archetype of the sacred rebel and working with people in a revolutionary way which you’ll hear about in this episode. The only thing is now that she has an audience built up around her old brand, how does she get eyeballs on her new brand? How does she say “Hey, I’m here, I’m doing this!”


First we got down to it. Who is this new audience, what do they need and how can you give it to them through leading with generosity?

Then we assessed her current content marketing assets and decided what to focus on moving forward.

Then I taught her one of my most important marketing strategies that I spend money on most of the time without any expectation of a return but I always get ROI from it.

You can watch this episode here:

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