A long, long time ago in a distant galaxy I was a Massage Therapist.

I was living in a town with the #1 Massage School in the country, so upon graduation everyone told me if I chose to stay there I would not get clients or build a practice. Too much “competition” (I don’t even believe in that concept!)

And They Were Wrong!

I did get clients and I also (with the help of some incredible movers and shakers) produced something like 200 Live Events in the Holistic/Healing Arts/Art World.

People started to notice, and they asked me “How are you doing this?”

It wasn’t long before I started receiving phone calls from the local Acupuncturist Schools, Massage School and other Holistic Academies asking me to teach their students how to build a practice upon graduation.

I found myself teaching them the fundamentals of online marketing, and this was the beginning of my online training company. With many ups, downs, wins and fails along the way.

My First Epic Fail in Business

I noticed that while the schools wanted me teaching their students and it was valuable for all parties involved… in general this community of holistic practitioners did not want to do their own marketing, and I wanted to teach DIY Marketing.

I did not want to offer done for you services (I still don’t!)

So that was my first lesson in “sell people what they want.”

I spent tons of money on branding and developing this business, and in the end nobody really wanted what I had. I couldn’t get enough local gigs teaching to be sustainable, and the practitioners wanted to practice, not market.


A lot of entrepreneurs make the mistake of “sell what you want to sell,” and I don’t do that anymore. I ask people what they want, I get to know my audience in depth, and I deliver them a combination of what they really want the most, and what I know they need the most based on years of experience.

After that epic business fail, I asked myself “What do people really want?”

Most people want the same basic things. Love. Food. Shelter. Warmth. A sense of purpose and identity. Connection to other humans. Meaning. Good health.

And what they will pay for is “How to make money online” so they can then go and create these things for themselves.

I spent the next 7 years learning the fastest, easiest ways for people to make more money so they could have and enjoy all of those other things in life, and frankly, so that I could too.

And I was able to sell a ton of programs in the business and coaching space for other people and myself.

But when people signed up for those programs..

They got a lot more than just “how to make money.”

Because at the end of the day, I don’t even care about money. I care about freedom. Money has given me freedom in terms of where I live, how I live and how much time I get to spend with the people I love.

So when people work with me that’s where we really go. We dive into the questions regarding what is freedom all about for the individual – economically, socially, politically, spiritually, sexually, etc. What does your epic life really look like, and how can money and business serve as a platform for creating that?

People sign up for a business course with me but what they really get is a quick return path to self love, the inspiration to spark their visionary side into a fired up desire to serve others (which in fact is the best way to build a sustainable business), a foundation of self value and self worth that attracts others to want to work with them – and the most cutting edge business and online marketing skill set which is really just the icing on the cake.

How You Can Apply This to Your Business Starting Right Now.


Ask yourself what your core message to humanity is. Maybe it’s LOVE. Maybe it’s FREEDOM. Maybe it’s EQUALITY. If you can’t explain it to a two year old and have them understand, look a little deeper until you can.

Then, figure out how to wrap that into packaging that people will actually want to invest time and money into.

The way I do this is in interviewing my ideal clients with a series of about 20 questions that helps me understand who they are, what they want, what they will spend money on, and how much time and money they will invest in what I am offering to get the results they want.

I suggest you do the same!

Let me know how it goes, and in the meantime connect with me on Facebook.