Scrolling down my Facebook Newsfeed gives me a good sense of what’s happening in the business space these days.

Often and sadly, I see the same message at least 200 times a day. It’s awesome because at least people are putting themselves out there, but sad because the world is missing out on a fully expressed woman in her power.

The main problem I see is a lack of confidence – which translates into “sounding like your mentor” syndrome.

If you’re doing this, stop! Your mentor became successful because she sounds like herself. People are attracted to strength, confidence, and authenticity. If you sound like someone else because you are afraid to BE YOU, it will automatically repel people from working with you.

After all… if YOU are afraid of YOU… do you think someone’s going to feel compelled to share your post, give you their email address, or bust out their credit card? I think not.

Here are 3 suggestions I would implement right away in your ads, content, copy and posts to increase trust, respect, and a powerful online presence.

Awesome Strong Voice Tip #1: Don’t Try to People Please.

Marketing 101: If you are marketing to everyone, you are marketing to nobody.

Likewise, if you are trying to people please or be liked in your marketing, you are marketing to noone.

I’ve been in masterminds and meetings with some of the most influential women coaches and was unafraid to tell them I didn’t like their idea – and make my recommendations on what I thought was a stronger, more effective campaign.

And you know what? That’s why they hired me. People pay for the truth, not for fluff and smoke. The truth gets results. And that’s what people invest in.

If you’re in business, it’s to help a SPECIFIC group of people solve a SPECIFIC set of problems. Address THAT in your marketing. Note to self: “I help women grow their business to 6-figures” is not a specific problem. Getting to 6 figures has many, many subsets of obstacles and solutions. Pick one and start there (if that’s your message.)

Awesome Strong Voice Tip #2: Tell Stories.


I freaking love storytelling for business and if I could only teach and train on one topic for the rest of my life it would be that.

Stories are the most powerful medium for marketing because you can cut through the rational/logical part of the mind and go straight through to the emotional/symbolic part of the mind. That’s the part that loves a good Hollywood Blockbuster and can get hooked into the story right away.

If you aren’t sure how to incorporate more storytelling into your social media posts, ads and emails, start with your WHY.

Your WHY is basically that force that wakes you up in the morning hungry to serve, to connect the dots, to have impact. It’s the reason you do what you do in terms of the bigger picture and biggest reach.

Research and my own personal experience suggests that people will become your clients and customers if they feel aligned with your why. People want to exist in a community of shared values. Your product or service could be the best around, but if your WHY isn’t clear – your marketing efforts are less likely to convert into sales.

Awesome Strong Voice Tip #3: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Controversial!

I’m not advocating for controversy just for controversy’s sake – no need to be a rebel without a cause. But there is plenty of opportunity within the coaching and business world to be a leader by stirring the pot just a bit.

I do it all the time and this type of content gets a ton of engagement, moves my community towards higher levels of integrity, and most importantly – establishes me as someone trustworthy because I’m not afraid to speak my mind.

So many women say “Wow, I was feeling that same exact way, but I didn’t feel like I could say it!”

Well just say it! People will respect you for it and you will distinguish yourself with a far more powerful voice.

Set your life on fire. Stop hiding, start leading… and watch how easy it is to thrive in all ways from that position.

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