If You Want Better Ad Performance, Start With A Story…

But not just any story! The best way to take your ads from “not so great” or “just okay” to “loved, shared and high ROI” is to to master the art of telling the exact story your client needs to hear to move into emotion AND action.

The best way I’ve found in writing high performing ad copy over several niches is to look at the Archetypes of your brand and of your audience.

Every single billion dollar brand is doing this, and you can use what’s working for the highest level of business and add it to your funnels for a much higher conversion strategy.

So go ahead and download “Core Story Formula,” get familiar with this strategy and watch what happens!

If you need someone to write ad copy for you and you think we’d be a great fit we can discuss. I take on an extremely limited amount of copywriting projects but happy to connect and see if I can help you.

Email me at [email protected] with the Subject Line: Ad Copy Inquiry and I’ll get back to you within a week.