Most of us would agree that the last few years have been INTENSE! Systems are crumbling, the world is war torn, natural disasters seem to be on the rise – and our technology is increasing to the point where we hear about it all in great detail within nanoseconds.

Scary? I used to think so. Like hide in the hills with cans of food used to think so. (Can someone just wake me up once the world is over?)

Until I really woke up to the truth that every crisis is an opportunity and leadership is the most crucial (and highest paid) skill on the planet, and will only continue to increase in value and compensation.

In other words, there are so many opportunities for you to increase your leadership skills, deeply serve humanity, AND get paid. If you are reading this, you are probably a visionary.

If you are a visionary, I am telling you… This is YOUR YEAR.

silhouette Woman jumping over 2016

2016 is a 9 year in numerology and according to several sites I perused it is also the year of completion, of reaping rewards of past hard work, and it is the year of the humanitarian.

It’s also a year of endless opportunity for entrepreneurs whose core mission and vision is tied to something larger than themselves.

If you are a coach, consultant, healer, someone with conflict resolution skills, a speaker, teacher, trainer, etc… you have an unprecedented opportunity to serve, thrive, make a true difference, experience the meaning your soul has been crying out for, and have impact far beyond your one lifetime.

People are tired of gurus, they are tired of lies, they are tired of smoke and mirrors and pedestals and puffery.

What they want is truth, unadulterated. What they want are true solutions to their problems and what they need is love, wisdom and vision. All of which you have, you are, you have been and known your entire life and felt weird for it.

What they want IS YOU.

So here are three ways YOU can start to experience extraordinary impact and income.

1. Get Incredibly Clear on Who You Want to Serve or What Specific Problem You Want to Solve

Pinch a piece of the jigsaw puzzle

Most visionaries struggle with elaborating on concrete details. We spend more time with our head in the clouds, but right now we need feet on the ground and hands in the mess, making something beautiful out of it.

That huge heart of yours is meant to touch and transform something very specific.

Define it. Feel it. Capture it with words.

Ask yourself:

“If there were no limitations what major transformation would I LOVE to bring to Planet Earth this year?”

“Who do I feel most compelled to serve and in what specific way do I want to serve them?”

“What are their top 3 struggles and how does my special gift address that?”

Answering these questions brings the beginning stages of clarity necessary for the entrepreneurial journey.

2. Learn to Tell Amazing Stories


Jonah Sachs in his groundbreaking book “Winning the Story Wars: Why Those Who Tell (and live) The Best Stories Will Rule the Future” demonstrates that changemakers have the best chance at being heard, received, and spreading their ideas (that are often ahead of their time) when they master the art of storytelling.

Two examples in the book are The Meatrix and The Story of Stuff. Both videos have gone viral – but in the beginning nobody wanted to listen to the message behind the evils of factory farming and overconsumption.

When these two visionaries learned to tell STORIES instead of PREACH to a DEAF CROWD, their ideas became impactful, received, viral, and acted upon.

They created movements out of madness and transformed lives, helped animals, and helped the planet.

3. Increase Consistency and Visibility with 1 Content Specific Platform At a Time

Social Media. The number one time killa or the best way for your idea to go global. You decide.

Here’s the mistake I see.

Visionaries with their beautiful ADD and desire to be seen, known, liked and heard trying to be EVERYWHERE, and EVERYTHING to EVERYONE!

Stop the madness!

Have you ever heard the expression “Many small strikes makes the tree fall?” Me neither, I made it up, but before I did I was googling the real expression I was trying to remember and couldn’t in time for this posting to be published.

It’s the idea that many small, consistent actions striking in the same place eventually gets huge results.

Trying to be all over the place is like letting go of a balloon and watching it fly and eventually deflate and hit the ground. That’s not the desired result here. At all.

Pick one social media site that you LOVE and be consistent with sharing your ideas, your visions and your solutions. When you master that, move to another. Don’t have more than 3, that’s spreading too thin.

Can You Commit to Implementing Just One of These Starting Right Now?

What I just described are 3 Foundational Pillars of my 6 Pillars of Online Success in 2016. If you want to check out the other 3 click here and you can jump on a free live training, or get the recording to jumpstart your service, vision and business starting today.