An “Accidental Digital Marketer” With A Lifelong Obsession With Story…

I never thought that overcoming 20 years of addiction would lead me to become a highly sought copywriter and brand storyteller in the transformation space, but it did.

I co-founded a spoken word poetry venue at the age of 25 to work on transforming my life. I found the healing I was looking for in storytelling.

Not too long after, I was invited to write ads for a coaching company, even though I had no experience with ads, or formal marketing training. I used the same attention grabbing, emotionally compelling “poetry formula” to write my first ad.

In one weekend the $575 ad spend converted to $67,500 – the campaign ended up with a 2000% ROI.

Since then I have written ads, copy and told stories for transformational companies such as…

  • Conscious Marketer (clients include Sounds True, Eckhart Tolle, The Collective Trauma Summit, etc..)
  • Conscious Copy & Co. (clients include Joe Polish, Brendan Burchard, J.J. Virgin, Mindshare and more…)
  • Astrology Hub, Tru Earth, HeartMath Institute, Brian Tracy, Travis Sago, Brendan Kane, Thrive Academy, The Draw Shop, Hungry for Happiness, and other companies using business to transform human consciousness for the greater good

I have been featured in Yanik Silver’s Evolved Enterprise Course, Park Howell’s The Business of Story Podcast, Conscious Marketing Academy, CopyHackers 10X Your Launches, A Conscious Copy & Mindshare Copywriting Workshop, and Signature Stories that Sell.

Along the way I managed robust affiliate programs for Max Simon and Gina DeVee, with partners such as Arielle Ford, John Assaraf, Mindvalley Academy, Mark Victor Hansen, Bo Eason, Thrive Academy, Derek Rydall and more.

I currently serve as the Director of Storytelling & Brand Development at Conscious Marketer, the #1 launch agency in the spiritual and transfomation market.

To date I’ve generated $23,000,000+ for my clients. Part of this is surrounding myself with awesome teams and dedicated creative professionals.

In January 2021 Sounds True published a course created by Richard Taubinger and I called The Power of Conscious Marketing, and we plan to relaunch in it the Fall.

I am committed to the practice of micro-philanthropy and regularly donate to 4Ocean, anti human trafficking organizations, as well support indigenous elders across the globe.

My most recent fun accomplishment was taking a 1:1 mentorship program with Evy Poumpouras, former Secret Service Agent and author of Becoming Bulletproof.

In my spare time you’ll find me traveling, hiking the beautiful trails of San Diego, at the beach or reading 7 books at once.