There is no better medium for connection than story, and there is no better than Kylie

“In 27 years of Marketing and Sales, I have NEVER met anyone with as much expertise in sales as Kylie.

While rookie marketers attempt to sell through persuasion, Kylie understands that sales come from connection! There is no better medium for connection than story, and there is no better than Kylie. I don’t care how well known, no one can trump her understanding of psychology in sales to help move the world to a better place.”

Mike Hill, Founder at Internet Marketing Super Friends, President at Ascension Media

Kylie helped me get my mojo back

“Adding more story to my webinar increased sales by 50% the first time I tried it.”

Noah St. John, Bestselling Hay House Author, Afformations

Doubled my sales

“From just one story strategy I learned from Kylie, I nearly doubled my sales for my launch in two days.”

Jen Mavros, Business Coach

Tripled my enrollment

“In one hour strategizing with Kylie, we co-created a plan that nearly tripled my enrollment into my group program in 3 days!”

Amanda Daley, Coach

…Dynamic copy that converted and went viral in the span of hours…

“Running a high growth purpose-driven company I need a team that understands my vision, mission and values and can support me and bringing that to life.

Kylie has a brilliance I have not encountered anywhere in the industry. She took my vision and jumped on board with me and my team seamlessly. She brought my story and work into the world through dynamic copy that converted and went viral in the span of hours (not days or weeks!) adding thousands of new ideal clients to my existing list. She is an endless supply of high level marketing strategies and launch support. I am honored to work with Kylie. If you have the opportunity to work with Kylie do it now, it’s a game changer!”

Sarah Kaler, CEO at Soul Powered. Formerly at Facebook, lululemon, Levi’s and Hampton

“Kylie helped me get to the heart of ME, my unique story, and how that relates to the women I am meant to serve.

Almost immediately after implementing what I learned, the engagement on my social media posts skyrocketed and I doubled my email list.

Less than two weeks after her training, I signed a $30,000 client who said she was inspired to join because she resonated so deeply with my story. It was my first sale at that price point.

If you have been struggling with clarity on who you are, what you do, and how you serve, you have to do this work. You will feel so empowered, confident, and authentic afterwards and the results will speak for themselves.”

Natalie Ann Taggart
Leadership & Empowerment Coach for Women

Less than two weeks after her training, I signed a $30,000 client

I finally feel like I connect with my clients emotionally

“You know when you find that right person who overdelivers in value on everything you could possibly think of? This shout-out won’t give it justice but I just wanted to let you all know that working with Kylie has been one of the best investments in my business because this woman is a genius. Implementing her advice got my Facebook ads cost down 3 times, and people are still sending us great feedback on the story that we have crafted with Kylie. I finally feel like I connect with my clients emotionally.

From uncovering my story that impacts people without me even doing a thing now to giving me digital marketing advice that uplevels my business within hours (I really mean that), Kylie is a treasure we all seek but rarely find. My team now listens to the recordings of our sessions with Kylie, and say they’ve learned from them more than from their favorite podcasts, so yes, she’s that unbelievably awesome!”

Daria Zest, Business Success Coach for Women,

“Kylie tells story and writes copy that is on par with the best copywriters in the world. Her process is incredibly unique and valuable.”

Dustin Briggs, Owner at Digital Navigation

“Kylie took a few story strategies I shared and her ads went viral. I’ve been in paid media for decades and haven’t seen too many people do what she’s done, turning her first ad from $575 to $67,500. She’s a true innovator in online marketing.”

Jubril Agoro, “Mr. Think Outside the Box,” Paid Media Expert.

“Kylie is good at transcending distractions & honing in on the single greatest gift to use as the foundation of your effective storytelling.”

Renee Airya, Soul Seer, Media Producer & Women’s Empowerment Leader

The value of working with Kylie is that I created something TRUTHFUL for me, the Empowered Woman brand.

I did it on my terms

“It started from my deepest desire to create an impact. I had the vision of what this company is truly about. I knew what it would stand for. I knew what I wasn’t willing to trade off to “do business as usual”.

I was clear about my past experiences in our industry and what I wasn’t willing to do. And that’s not to make anything from the past good or bad. It’s just I had my OWN unique vision, and I wasn’t going to do it if it wasn’t in alignment.

I made a $10,000 sale DAY after I added my personal story to my website, even though I struggled through parts of it. My client directly told me, ‘I am buying from you because I relate so much to the story I read on your site.’

I filled half my Empowered Woman retreat in Mexico with just 3 story-based emails we worked on together (to a relatively unresponsive email list I had left over from my last business.)

I did all this OUTSIDE the business and marketing niche, which so many people think they have to stay inside of in order “to make money.”

I am so proud of this and I would LOVE to show people that you can actually do it your way… It was made possible through our collaboration, Kylie.”

Paula Lacobara Tatro
CEO at Empowered Woman –

“She combines a deep understanding of both marketing strategy and human psychology to create high-converting funnels that far exceed industry standards – and is an absolute ninja with lead generation and ad copy.

Kylie and I have worked together on a number of successful launches, most notably taking an online program from concept to 6-figure launch in just 4 weeks. Kylie is a joy to work with, and fiercely dedicated to getting her clients results. If you have the opportunity to work with (or learn from) this marketing maven, do NOT hesitate. You will earn back any investment 100x.”

Makena Sage, Copywriter and Launch Strategist

Kylie is one of the most brilliant marketing minds I’ve ever had the pleasure of working with

Improved my business’ sales by 50%

“Through sharing my stories, I’ve shared my own journey and my vulnerabilities. In removing a veneer of “perfection” I’ve shared more of myself: my foibles and struggles.

Going more public with this “real” side of me has enabled me to improve my connection with my readers, upped engagement and improved my business’ sales by 50%.

But more importantly, it has also allowed me to tap back into where I was and who I was previously, when I was standing in my readers’ shoes. It’s reconnected me to why I do my work in the first place, and just how much my work can transform my clients lives.”

Rosie Paterson, Founder & Coach To Women At Living Rosy

“Working with Kylie for several years now, I’ve had the honor and pleasure to experience her brilliance for a unique style of marketing and storytelling that gets serious results like no one else.

Her quick wit and passion for forward thinking marketing will pave the way for other marketers wanting relevance in a rapidly changing world.

If real results from an authentic foundation are what is important to you and in this digital age is actually a necessity, then this is your go to expert in the marketing industry that is leading the way and I’d expect to see on the cover of Forbes in the near future.”

Rebecca Matias |

I’d expect to see Kylie on the cover of Forbes in the near future