A few weeks ago I had the privilege to help business leaders share their story at my good friend Jeffrey Van Dyk’s “The Courageous Messenger” event in LA.

Now if you’ve ever been to a Jeffrey event… you know that the tears pour out!

Even though he’s led teams at Microsoft, trained heads of state on how to use new technology platforms, and brought his body of work to Columbia to help heal warring factions…

He’s a big walking heart!

People cry their eyes out as his events.

While I was teaching, a question came up that comes up ALL THE TIME. This is probably the #1 question I get in my line of work.

(Especially in communities where we are more focused on being in touch with our feelings and speaking our authentic truth…)

How emotional and vulnerable should I be in my actual marketing?

While I agree that having a space to be fully ourselves, cry our eyes out, heal and grow together is absolutely ESSENTIAL for us as entrepreneurs… especially those of us who claim to be “making the world a better place” through our business…

How do you determine what belongs on the page and what doesn’t… when writing ads, emails, landing pages, sales letters and more?

A Tale of Two Exes

One of my most successful campaigns was a 3-part email series selling a mastermind.

The first email had a subject line: “so homebody breaks up with me.”

It had a very high open rate, over 50%.

Well you know how it is. Everybody wants to know our BIZ.

But here’s the difference between just opening my closet and letting all the clothes spill all over the place…

And leading through sharing the human side of my life for the benefit of my clients.

I had ten years to process that breakup.

I had wisdom and insight to share from my pain in that breakup that relates to running a thriving business and I could inspire others by sharing it.

I wrote about the power of association and who you spend your time with – and how after that breakup I realized I didn’t want a life filled with partying, raves, passing out, and and struggling to keep the electric bills paid.

I wanted to make a difference in the world and I used that painful experience to level up in every single way. Including who I spent my time with.

That’s when I got hired by Max Simon (son of Deepak Chopra’s silent business partner, the late Dr. David Simon) and my marketing career took off.

Max put me on the phone interviewing business legends like Mark Victor Hansen, John Assaraf, Bo Eason, Arielle Ford… and those associations changed my life. I had a 6-figure business in a year, which has continued to grow every year since.

This makes a nice connection between my story of pain and growth… and why they may consider joining a mastermind… the power of association!

But What About The Other Ex?

The same time I sent that campaign out… I was experiencing a painful and dramatic end of another relationship.

I had no insight that would be useful to my clients.

I was still IN the story, not on the other side of it.

That’s the distinction!

In my opinion no particular content is OFF LIMITS if it helps your clients, customers or audience do one thing…

Bridge the gap between where they are and where they want to be.

But if you’re still IN IT, you’re just gonna drag them into it too. Then they’re stuck in the mud in the middle when where they want to be is standing with you on the other side in some small win or large victory.

So yes!

Be human. Be real.

Talk about whatever you need to talk about to be the leader that leads and moves your people forward.

Make people feel. Cry. Become more of themselves and more in touch with their human side.

Just make sure it’s GOING somewhere – and there’s actual, tangible, concrete wisdom that will help them on their way.

Want More Direction In Your Stories & Marketing?

Since this question comes up so often I thought I’d address is in an attempt to revive my blog after a few years.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below…

And if there’s anything else you want me to write about that will help you achieve your goals or bring your vision into reality…

Please mention them below.