I am going to reveal the greatest of my secrets so you can skyrocket your success today (if that’s what you want!)

I don’t study marketing from “the gurus.” I study depth psychologists like Joseph Campbell and Carl Jung because their work is about how people share meaning, make decisions and how culture is created.

They describe the internal processes going on inside everyone’s unconscious mind… and I pull that wisdom into my marketing campaigns to support people becoming the best version of themselves through the story format knows as “The Hero’s Journey.”

The Hero’s Journey is what every potential client of yours is on in their life right now, and if you know how to position yourself in the 4th stage of the journey which is called “Meeting the Mentor,” you will never struggle with attracting your soulmate client or filling your programs again.


Hollywood, Nike and Apple are doing this too.

The secret is to tap into the one story you are here to tell, and tell it well, and tell it consistently.

For Nike it’s “Everyone can be a hero” which we see in their brilliant Just Do It campaign.

For Apple it’s “The weird will prevail” or “The Artist Can Be Successful” which we see in their brilliant “Think Different” slogan.

For Hollywood it’s the ordinary persons rise to greatness, and people flock to movies every day of the year to watch the same story over and over and over again because it reminds them of their own heroic potential and provides them with instructions on how they can be great in their own life.

Be the one tapping into this. Be the one to tell it. Give up the complex marketing strategies that cost a ton of money and don’t connect deeply with your audience, that don’t move them into the inspired action of working with you to actualize their potential.

Market research of consumer behavior is starting to show that if you do not grasp the fundamentals of “story marketing” your brand will be obsolete in 2-3 years.


Am I telling you this to scare you or freak you out?

Absolutely not. I am telling you this so that no matter what overcrowded niche you are in you still have the capacity to create incredible impact, income and lifestyle freedom because that is who you are, and part of what you are here to do.

One of the highest paid internet marketing consultants in the world, Mike Hill, grilled me on my best story strategies. In this 50 minute interview we discuss how to make deeper connections with your audience so that they buy from you and become your brand ambassadors, as well as what NOT to do when sharing your story in your marketing.

I will reveal my greatest win and my most awesomely epic fail, as well as what you can do to start utilizing what billion dollar brands already know and do that have put me on the map as a marketer in record time.

You can do that here.

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